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Today’s Song: When I Can’t Sing 

Artist: JB (Originally Se7en)


What happened between you two yesterday?


Im Jae Bum is such a cutie! 


Fashion fades, only style remains the same. - Coco Chanel


Fashion fades, only style remains the same. - Coco Chanel


It’s 3.30am now, but I’m still awake eventhough my eyes are super sleepy right now. I think it’s bothering me somehow.. ):

Learn Korean and Hanguls→


Singular/Simple Vowels

1. a (like pronouncing a in Alphabet)

2. ya (like pronouncing Ya in Yadong) LOLOLOL

3. o (like pronouncing O Or)


 4.           yo (you can read it just like that) keke

5.           o (same like , but remember they’re different O’s shape)

6.           yo (same like , different YO’s shape)

7.           u/oo

8.           yu/yoo

9.            - eu/e (like pronouncing E in golden)

10.       - I (like pronouncing I in Internet)

Consolidation (?) vowels

        1.           ae (like pronouncing E in edition)

            2.           yae (like pronouncing Ye in Yen)

            3.           e (the pronunciation is the same as /ae)

            4.           Ye (the pronunciation is the same as /yae)

            5.           Wa

            6.           wae (like pronouncing We in Welcome)

            7.           wo (like pronouncing Wo in Woman)

            8.           we (the same as/wae)

            9.           wei/oui (like pronouncing oi in Choi)

            10.         wi (like pronouncing wi in Wind)

            11.         eui (could be pronounced oo wae and ae/e)

Singular/Simple Consonants

1.        g/k (Grave, Killer)

2. ;       n (Name, noona)

3.        d/t (Dark, True)

4.        r/l (Rare, Lost)

5.        m (Many)

6.        b/p (Baloon, Pear)

7.        s (Saloon)

8.      * - ng (sending)

9.        J (Junhyung) loool

10.   Ch (Channel)

11.   Kh (I’m not sure but I guess it can be pronounce like that)

12.   Th (same as Kh/)

13.   Ph (Phillips)

14.   H (Heart)


When “” joined the vowels, the “” will not be read and will be only used to pronounce the vowels that it joined with. But, when it become a part of word that placed underneath, the “” will be pronounced as “ng” (ex. Dongwoon -> 동운)

Plural Consonants 1

1.        kk/k (pronounced like hangul’s K/)

2.        tt/dd (pronounced like hangul’s T/)

3.        pp (pronounced like hangul’s P/)

4.        ss (pronounced as Ssh, ex. Sshi)

5.        J (pronounced like hangul’s J/)

In Korean there’re also another Plural Consonants that used in the end of the part of the word, but it not really used often. Plural Consonants 2:

1.       - (pronounced like hangul’s K/)

2.       - (pronounced like hangul’s N/)

3.       - (pronounced like hangul’s N/)

4.       - (pronounced like hangul’s B/)

5.       - (pronounced like hangul’s Th/)

6.       - (pronounced like hangul’s P/)

7.       - (pronounced like hangul’s L/)

8.        (pronounced like hangul’s P/)

9.       - (pronounced like hangul’s L/)


Those 8 Plural Consonants above can also be read as the two consonants when the next word is pronounced vowels first (ex. 없어, red as Opso means nothing)

How to make a hangul word/letter (How to form a hangul word)

Hangul’s word(s) can only be formed from the mix/joined words of Vowels and Consonants. Read the examples below.

1.       Consonant -> Vowel

 (Kh)            ->          (a)  =  (Kha)

 (-)                ->          (i)    =  (i)


2.       Consonant -> Vowel -> Consonant (final)

 (N)  ->          (A)  ->          (M) =  (Nam)

(B)   ->         (A)   ->         (Ng) =  (Bang)

3.       Consonant -> Vowel -> Plural Consonant 2 (Optional)

 (M) ->          (A)  ->          (N)  =  (Man)



If you’re going to write some Korean’s last name like Lee DON’T write it like this (). It’s wrong, Korean wrote and read Lee as “Ee” so it would be like this ()


<p class=”MsoNormal”>I’m sorry if there’re some typos and if my engrish~ is bad because engrish~ is not my first language. Dedicated for my unnie seoulbeastwho’s I’m currently teaching :D

If you’re confused or didn’t understand something just ask me :)

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